Our cumulative experience is the result of forty years of service to tens of thousands of immigrants from throughout the world. We are extremely proud of the high percentage of clients who have become Naturalized United States Citizens who are now participants in our country’s political process.

O.L.A. Raza’s thirty-two-year-old Delivery of Services Model is based on a basic Community Education Approach where each client becomes an active participant in their immigration case. At O.L.A. Raza, our clients learn the “how’s, why’s, do’s and dont’s” of the immigration process. The approach has proved extremely successful because our clients transmit factual information to members of their community and their families.

Our Advocacy Team is deeply committed to O.L.A. Raza’s mission, goals and objectives. Our five Immigrants Rights Centers serve immigrants, working families and the underserved. Our staff is made up of former farm workers, and/or former immigrants who are bicultural and bilingual in the English and Spanish language. Our Advocacy Team’s success is our client’s immigration success.

About Us

The organization was founded in 1974 at U.C. Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco by a group of Chicano Law Students, including Porterville's Roberto and Teresa de la Rosa. Learn More